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Discography - Ashes to Dust
Ashes to Dust
  • Track List
  • 1. Midnight
  • 2. The Day the End Finally Came
  • 3. When Push Comes to Love
  • 4. Diggin' My Grave
  • 5. The Buzzards Won't Cry
  • 6. Sorest of Eyes
  • 7. Lift My Jug (Song for Hub Cale)
  • 8. Gravel Road
  • 9. Porchlight

1. Midnight

Song Lyrics

Midnight rang out like a bell
and my heart sunk like a ship
Deliver me from this hell before I slip
My lungs can no longer breath
and my legs can no longer run
The only thing I need is for this day to be done

The bluebird can sing
but the crows got the soul
I'm a dog among kings with no self control

The only thing left is to try to live
with the sins on my back no one could forgive

The sunshine is behind us
and the storm is rolling in
We need something to remind us how to feel again
I'm out on a limb
but before that bough breaks
I'll have one final memory of all my mistakes
When midnight feel it dropped like a stone
I've got a short fuse to burn
and I'm a long way from home